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Latest update on biosolids proposal near yelm



We have learned that there is no fixed deadline for the Department of Ecology 

to reply to public comment.

We will let you know as soon as we know something.  Please do the same if you find something out.


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The proposed biosolids site

Is adjacent to USDA NRCS Easement 

We have obtained a copy of a Federal Conservation Easement Deed agreement that was signed with the previous landowner in 2011.   Please read below

It is called a “Grassland Reserve Program Conservation Easement”  of the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.   The document is quite definitive in its guidelines for safeguarding 314 acres “for the purposed of protecting grazing uses and related conservation values by restoring, enhancing, and conserving grassland, shrubland, forbs and wildlife habitat and biodiversity”.    The proposed biosolids fields are adjacent to the easement so there is a likelihood of seepage onto the easement.

Also as stated therein:  “The term of this agreement is perpetual.” 

See map above that shows the approximate area of the easement (outlined in yellow) and the approximate area defined in the Fire Mountain biosolids application as the “Mid-Mountain Unit” (outlined in red).  Because the picture  has been enlarged it is hard to see that the red line boundary of the proposed biosolids site does not actually cross the easement.  There is an open area large enough for trucks to get through to the proposed fields.  However the proposed biosolids “fields” are right next to it.  That is the point we are making.


Some of the Important Letters that were Sent

to the Department of Ecology

— Nisqually Tribe

——–Thurston County Commissioners

J. Brigham Engineering Review

Ziontz Chestnut

M. Schubart

———- C. Schorno

M. Wright

(Find Exhibits 1 & 2 on ‘Sample Letters’ page under the tab ‘Wright’)

S. Kyle

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