Are you aware that “Biosolids” may be coming to Yelm?


Do you know what that is? 


Slightly treated human excrement!



Also known as sludge. The biosolids company Fire Mountain “Farms” has filed an application with the Department of Ecology for a permit to create a dumping, spreading and spraying site they are calling their “Mid Mountain Unit” where they will be dumping (or spraying) human manure on more than 170 acres of a large property near Yelm!  

Landscape view of biosolids surroundings

The property is located between Bald Hill Rd. on the southside and Cook Rd. on the northside.  The Mid Mountain Unit address listed for the biosolid application is 19724 128th Ave. SE, Yelm, WA. The land borders a greenbelt right beside the Nisqually River so it is hard to see how this will not impact the river itself, not to mention the water table and wildlife. 

This land was previously part of what was known as Crown Ranch but was bought by a timber company in 2017.  The company, Abston Henricksen Land and Timber Company Inc. out of Eatonville, has already given written permission as part of the application for the permit.  Should Fire Mountain receive this permit, they will be applying these so-called biosolids on this land for years into the future. 

This human manure will be coming from towns and cities in other counties and could include sewage from other states.  According to the Department of Ecology the biosolids are not the same as sludge because they have been “treated” to some degree by “water treatment” facilities but these facilities could be private development community sewage facilities or sewage treatment plants from out of state that are not even regulated by the Dept. of Ecology in our state. 


Do we really want to see our pristine countryside covered in human poop?!  Sewage that could contain narcotics, pharmaceuticals and even medical waste going into our water table and the Nisqually River and the Centralia Diversion canal?!  What about the water we and our children drink from our wells?!

Pristine landscape that includes the proposed biosolids dumping site

According to the application submitted by Fire Mountain there could be up to 50 trucks filled with this sewage travelling through Yelm and up Bald Hill Rd each day during the period they will be spreading the human manure.  In addition, there could be up to 10 service trucks in motion on our roads that support their operations.

Please contact the Department of Ecology to tell them you don’t want this stinky dangerous mess in our town. The Department of Ecology held only one public hearing in Yelm on January 24, 2019. They refused to allow a show of hands of those opposed, yet the room was full to overflowing. Send comments and concerns about this permit to the Department of Ecology.


The Deadline for Public Comment was February 13.





Solid Waste Management – Southwest Regional Office Section Manager

WA State Department of Ecology

PO Box 47600, Olympia, WA 98504

phone: 360-407-6381


Be sure to copy his manager –  – on any communications. 


Please do whatever you can to prevent this permit from being approved.  Call, email or write Peter Lyon and Maia Bellon at the Department of Ecology.


Call or write local, state and federal representatives to tell them about your concerns and opposition to this permit.


Thank you for your efforts!


Preserve the Commons Team