Actions – Next Steps 

support legislation to

address biosolids land applications

in washington state

– Keep the pressure on –

continue to spread the knowledge about the dangers of biosolids

There are 2 drafts of legislation that are sitting in the state House of Representatives.    (See drafts below.)


If you want to support them, please contact your Representatives and let them know you want these drafts be presented to the legislature.


There are 2 representatives that were contacted before the legislature closed last Friday.  They represent districts that have already experienced  biosolids from Fire Mountain Farms Inc.


Richard De Bolt 

phone 360-786-7896


Beth Doglio

Phone 360-786-7992 


When you contact your representatives remember to Include a copy of your recent letter of concern to the DOE and attach the draft(s) legislation that you support.   Read the drafts below.


> Write Letters to the Editor of Local Newspapers
> Post on your Facebook Groups and Timeline 
> Tweet about it
> Send Email to your Local, State, and Federal Representatives
> Complain to Environmental Protection Agency about their Policy that says Biosolids are Safe and Not Hazardous



Ed Kenney’s recommendations:


“I would encourage anyone in Beth Doglio’s district to confirm that:


1) they are in her district


2) they need help in the House Environment and Energy committee pushing the biosolids bills from Darlane Schanfald (submitted as is) to a hearing.


“For those outside her district, we could say that the Thurston County Commissioners have just asked the Dept of Ecology to Withdraw the Determination of Non-significance from Lewis County’s Fire Mountain Farms’ application to spread and spray biosolids in Thurston County . . . so, could she push the biosolids bill(s)  to a hearing to help keep our county free of other counties’ wastes.


“Other good points to make are that Fire Mountain Farms has a permit to spread wastes from four states in Thurston County even though it has been disciplined by the Pollution Control Board recently for mixing “dangerous waste” in its biosolid applications.”